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    If you look at the concept of a lightsaber "a rod of extremely hot light/energy" the lightsaber cuts through flesh and in the process it cauterizes the wound. However, if used shortly after ignition like a light bulb it hasn't had a chance to increase in temperature so dismemberment with blood loss is still a possibility. You are welcome to disagree but that's my theory

  2. Posted by sin_0430, — Reply

    No first order troopers. They stink. It’s not canon. Empire troopers waaaay better. And they could shot. Sort of

  3. Posted by philippleau, — Reply

    First order trooper and Darth Vader on Endor. Look like it’s canon 🤔🤔😂😂

  4. Posted by darthraptis, — Reply

    Hey, can I request some art for my channel

  5. Posted by emoempire4ever, — Reply

    Wrong effing troopers

  6. Posted by tlathem1731, — Reply

    That’s frickin scary

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